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Survey - Would your company take advantage of Wildfire 5 with Intralink 3.x? - SUMMARY


Survey - Would your company take advantage of Wildfire 5 with Intralink 3.x? - SUMMARY

In January of this year I sent out an initial query to Technical Committee
members to see if other companies were interested in requesting Wildfire 5
support with Intralink 3.x. This was followed by a Pro/E Exploder query
sent out February 9, 2010, all responses received to date are included

I received replies from 37 different companies. Of those, 33 would very
much like for PTC to support Wildfire 5 with Intralink 3.x, while 4
companies did not see this as a need.

I have grouped the responses as follows regarding what I could gather of
their future Pro/E PDM strategies.
· Already on PDMLink or migrating very soon
o 4/37 – 11%
· Firm plans to migrate to PDMLink, however the timeline is far
enough out that they would like to upgrade to Wildfire 5 while still using
Intralink 3.x.
o 9/37 – 24%
· Expect to migrate to PDMLink or ProductPoint sometime, but no firm
commitment has been made
o 8/37 – 22%
· Future Pro/E PDM solution not yet chosen
o 8/37 – 22%
· Selected a non-PTC data management solution for ProE data
o 3/37 – 8%
· Migration Plans not provided
o 5/37 – 14%

Several pointed out that the complexity and cost for the migration from
Intralink to PDMLink is too much for their company since they either
already have or do not need a complex PDM solution. The current state of
the economy is a factor as many companies are cutting back expenses and
this is not a needed expenditure at this time.

Many of the larger companies are planning a migration at some point but
due to circumstances beyond their control the migration date could be
years away.

There was frustration expressed especially from smaller companies who feel
that they are placed in a no win situation. They are waiting for a
workable solution from PTC while considering solutions from other CAD
companies. It was pointed out that even though support for Intralink
officially ended, companies are still paying the same amount of
maintenance and are now questioning what they are getting for their
maintenance dollar since a PDMLink migration is out of the question.

In general, most companies indicated that if given the option, they would
upgrade to Wildfire 5 shortly after PTC provides Intralink support.

Full responses are included in the attachment and make for a very
interesting read. I apologize in advance if I in anyway misconstrued what
was meant in any one’s reply.

I have removed all names and contact info to avoid anyone getting
bombarded by migration service companies.


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Sorry, this is a late response

We are currently on WF4.0 M120 & INLINK 3.4 M062

I believe for us, Pro/INTRALINK 9.1 m030+ is probably the first viable replacement for our link3.4 implementation which is very simplistic. It’s not perfect, but it is usable, the performance is finally acceptable and installation fairly straight forward.

I took me a while to figure out that Windchill INTRALINK 9.1 could be set-up in a very simplistic way. PTC should try to promote that as an acceptable concept.

Our plan is to migrate to Windchill INTRALINK 9.1 M040 in the next few months. One of the primary drivers is to be able to upgrade to WF5 ASAP and beyond. We would have been perfectly happy to stay on ILINK 3.4.

We are not migrating to PDMLINK because we don't have a complex product development cycle to manage. We have kept it simple. Product Point is way too early in its lifetime to be considered. How long ago was it that Windchill INTRALINK was introduced as the replacement for Ilink3.4? (2005) PTC’s Vision and reality are usually separated by about 3-4 years.

A growing concern of mine is the possible demise of Windchill INTRALINK.

The preliminary agenda for the conference was just released. There was not a single reference to Windchill INTRALINK in any of the presentation titles. Should a path towards Windchill INTRALINK be reconsidered?

We will probably move ahead anyway with the expectation of having to move to something else in 3-4 years

There are several enhancements in WF5 that we could have been using yesterday.