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Units, understanding Run Status, where to find units, example force = ?? units


Units, understanding Run Status, where to find units, example force = ?? units

Hi all,

I need some help.

I am using Creo/Elements Pro5.0 ( I do have creo 3.0 but it is on a machine she currently does not have access too).

I am teaching my daugther Creo Simulate and she asked a question about understanding the values in the report. "She say's, she see the values, but no units are beside the values. As she reads the report, she said, "Where do I determine the units applied to values shown in the Status Report dialog".

Example, here is an example of a Status Report. I am asking the question to everyone as she is taking notes and to her, these vaues (numbers) shown do not have units beside the values and she gets confused and has to call me to do a desktop sharing with her.

Snipit of a "Status Report" below.


Mechanica Structure Version L-03-52:spg

Summary for Design Study "Analysis10"

Wed Dec 10, 2014 15:56:58


Principal System of Units: millimeter Kilogram Sec (mmKs)

Length: mm

Mass: kg

Time: sec

Temperature: C


contact_area: 0.000000e+00

contact_max_pres: 0.000000e+00

max_beam_bending: 0.000000e+00

max_beam_tensile: 0.000000e+00

max_beam_torsion: 0.000000e+00

max_beam_total: 0.000000e+00

max_disp_mag: 5.373685e+00

max_disp_x: -5.196135e+00

max_disp_y: -4.535231e-01

max_disp_z: 1.310241e+00

max_prin_mag*: 1.316978e+06

max_rot_mag: 1.664133e-10

max_rot_x: -4.663962e-11

max_rot_y: 3.045415e-12

max_rot_z: 1.608916e-10

max_stress_prin*: 1.316978e+06

max_stress_vm*: 8.913782e+05

max_stress_xx*: 1.200891e+06

max_stress_xy*: 2.674178e+05

max_stress_xz*: 1.996838e+05

max_stress_yy*: 5.994532e+05

max_stress_yz*: -7.371162e+04

max_stress_zz*: 4.407238e+05

min_stress_prin*: -1.165562e+06

strain_energy: 1.761877e+06

Fastener1_shear_force: 2.589270e-02

Fastener1_shear_stress: 2.167496e-03

Fastener2_shear_force: 2.588851e-02

Fastener2_shear_stress: 2.167145e-03

Interface1_force: 2.596277e-13

Interface3_area: 0.000000e+00

Interface3_force: 0.000000e+00

Interface5_force1: 5.562613e-02

door_end_at_pivot: 0.000000e+00

(Here we are looking for an applied Force, we are understanding this as kilogram-force)

downward_force_pin: -4.316209e+02 (I told her that this would be Kilogram-force. True / False?)

nose_drop_distance: 5.070503e-08 I have told her that this "Simulated Measure" is in millimeters.

** Warning: The measures marked by an asterisk (*) were evaluated

at (or close to) results singularities. The values of these

measures may be inaccurate, and you must use engineering judgment

when interpreting them.

Analysis "Analysis10" Completed (15:58:05)


Run Completed

Wed Dec 10, 2014 15:58:05


Thanks in advance,

Dave Maloy

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