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Use Default Template check box


Use Default Template check box

Proe Users,

In previous versions of Proe when I create a new drawing from a part the
"Use default template" box is checked. I have not changed my config , and
now in Wildfire 4 this is unchecked by default. How do I make it default to

I think I remember this being very simple but can't find the option. I have
been on Solid Works past 3 years.

Thank you

Ryan Crisp | Senior Mechanical Engineer

Priority Designs
501 Morrison Rd.
Columbus, OH 43230
(614) 337-9979

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Hi all,

We have a process drawing showing the assembly procedure for one of our instruments which is 45 sheets. There are many imported bitmap images throughtout the drawing, and it's gotten to the point where it cannot be saved because Pro crashes. We're using WF2 on 32 bit machines w/4 gig of memory. We have the 3 gig switch enabled (some of us at 2.9, or 2.8). With task manager open while saving, we see that the memory is right around 2.7-2.9 range when Pro crashes, which makes us think it's a memory issue. I imagine the culprit is the images, although Ptc tech support doesn't think the drawing size, or the images should be a problem.
Any comments/suggestions regarding the use of images in drawings?


Look at this TPI to see how to use perfmon to determine exactly how much memory ProE is using.

Probably not what you are wanting to hear, but with a document that large and
including procedures I really would consider making the document in another
program like Word, InDesign, Power Point or some other layout/composition
program and then import all your required technical drawings from Pro/E. I made
Service Manuals in InDesign and used exported CGMand BMP type files from Pro/E
for my images and then type the text in the native composition program. In
InDesign and maybe some others the images can be linked so if the Pro/E file
changes it can be easily updated due to the imbedded link.

Good Luck,
Mark A. Peterson
Sr Design Engineer
Igloo Products Corp

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