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WT parts first or CAD parts first


WT parts first or CAD parts first

How do you work with Windchill?

We are configured to have WT parts the same number as the CAD part for integration with SAP. Currently the auto associate function does not create a WT part that is the same number as the CAD part and we are told to rename the WT part to match.

Is anyone else dealing with this situation?

We work in CAD parts all the time and some functionality in pro will be more difficult, like rename in an assembly, if we have to create WT parts first.

Let me know how you work with WT parts, thanks

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We associate the CAD model "Number" with the WT part "Number". The filename creates the CAD model "Number". The extension in the CAD model "Number" that was created from the CAD model filename is truncated out to create the WT part. One drawback is that you cannot have a part (.prt) and an assembly (.asm) with the same "Number". We also use Classifications so sometimes it is beneficial to create the WT part first. Keep revs and state the same between the two and you have no problems with associations!!

The good thing is that we can also create the WT part on it's own and then associate the model manually. Turn off the auto-associate when checking in the first time. This is helpful when using an illegal filename character ie "/" in a mil number.

Hi Kevin,

We have CADdocuments that will never have WTParts. Apart from that, since designing is a creative process, I'm reluctant to disturb designers with the burden to do administrative tasks upfront. The cretion of articles is done in the final stage of the design, not in the beginning.

For the same reason, I advice not to be dependent from WTPart names to name CADdocuments. CADdocuments are supposed to reflect the result of a creative process, including the naming. Mostly, WTPart naming is restricted by specs coming from an ERP system, and ERP and Creativity are not the best friends.

Finally, when changing a particular design, we allow our designers to associate a new WTPart to a new revision. E.g. rev.3 of the CADdocument was associated to WTPart A, rev.4 is associated to WTPart B. When keeping names together with WTParts, you can't do this.

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