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Windchill naming conflicts?


Windchill naming conflicts?

I remember hearing that windchill's server side workspaces had a benefit
being "pseudo" visible by other users, as to prevent naming conflicts
for example. Thats not working for us. I have two users both design
similiar products in a product line. We have a guy who creates a new
part, save and uploads it, lets say its called 232-117. The other
guygoes to create a new part. He does a search for 232-117 and finds
nothing. So he creates a new part 232-117. He makes it and saves it.
He only gets a warning when he goes to upload the part.
I guess I would not expect a search to reveal a part in someone's WS,
but when someone does a File, New, and enters a filename that exists in
someones else server side WS, I was under the belief that it would warn
you right up front.
Are my expectations correct? How is this really supposed to work? Are
they settings that need adjusted to allow this inter-workspace

We are on Windchill Intralink 9.1, and WF5/Creo E Pro.

Mark Steffke
Engineering System Administrator
The Delfield Company
Manitowoc Foodservice
T 989.775.9215 or 989.773.7981, ext 12484
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22-Sapphire I

Once a user Uploads, a Number is assigned (whether auto or manual Number), but other users can't yet see the data until it is checked in.

But - Once uploaded, the user who owns the workspace can see and use the info from a different workstation.

That's the behavior we experience as well. It's indeed confusing for the users, but in our environment, it only happens in rare occasions. They inform me and I explain what's going on. Until now, they accepted my explaination.

Met vriendelijke groeten, Best Regards,


Hi Mark,
I tell people not to use the upload function, just check it in and then
check it out again to keep working. Then the file can easily be found
early on.

Mark von Huben
Cochlear Ltd


I think that the config option: disable_search_path_check affects this ability. You would need to disable the option, which enables the functionality. (Set to no.)


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