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3D Box End Wrench


3D Box End Wrench

Anyone have a 3D model of a 1 ½" box end wrench?

Or combo, open end / box end




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You can find some here

Thanks Ron

They have many to pick from, I found my size


Jeff Lippeth ▪ Mold Design Engineer▪ NyproMold▪ P 847.855.2226

I have a part that uses a family table to represent the flat pattern.
When I use "Save a Copy " and check copy drawings every thing works
nicely except in the new drawing the flat pattern view references the
instance from the old part. The new copy of the part has no family
table. That's easy enough to recreate (one feature parameter yes/no)
but you can't "replace" a model in a drawing view unless it's from the
same family table. Did I miss something easy?

Bernie Hayden

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