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locked license troubles


locked license troubles


My laptop has a locked license - when I unplug and launch Pro, I get a
warning message that says "Ethernet Adapter was not detected", but I
clear the message and Pro runs fine...

I recently set up a colleague's laptop with a locked license and when he
unplugs, Pro/E throws up a message that says something like "license not
found" and Pro/E will not run.

I know there are workarounds like creating a loop-back cable and running
with a dongle to keep the NIC active for FlexLM to see, but I am
wondering if there is a setting in Windows or FlexLM that keeps the NIC
active when unplugged?

My machine is a Dell M70, his is an M90, both running XPP 32 SP3.

Any hints?



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Thanks to all who replied - Actually, after digging a little back into
my memory banks and playing with ipconfig and searching the exploder, I
fixed the problem by simply reordering the Network adapters list in the
registry so that the adapter that the license was generated for is first
in the list. The adapters list is found here in your Windows registry:


There are several existing threads on the exploder that talk about this
- one of them is here:

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