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[procad] WF4 M170 / Win7x64 Dell T3500 Quadro 2000 Drivers


[procad] WF4 M170 / Win7x64 Dell T3500 Quadro 2000 Drivers

Hey gang

Anybody have the secret squirrel settings for a Nvidia Quadro 2000
running on a Dell T3500?

Win7x64 WF4 M170

These issues exist on two new identical Dell pc's

* Dragging the "Insert Here" bar up and down in the model tree
leaves behind ghost images of the bar

* Resizing the model tree window left to right, right to left and
the graphics window jerks around

* Having a couple model windows open (2-3), sometimes the model
is not displayed on the screen until you rotate it.

PTC certified driver for Nvidia Quadro 2000 is listed as

Installed and tested with no luck so far

Nvidia control panel does not list Pro/Engineer as a default base
profile so customization will be required

If anyone is using this video card and has settings they could share,
that would be great


Jeff L.

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I've had to set Nvidia 3D settings to "3D OpenGL Stereo" to get correct performance in ProE.
Not sure why there is no ProE setting anymore.

If anyone knows a better setting, please share.

David Haigh

I don't see that setting in the Nvidia control panel, where do you set

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer