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Arbortext 6.0 and links/information about Flexera licensing


Arbortext 6.0 and links/information about Flexera licensing

Hello Adepters,

Sorry this took longer than I had hoped, however here is a list of links to useful information as you and your customers migrate to Arbortext 6.0. I hope all the links carry over, if any users have issues, please contact me directly (-) and I will email you this information.

As always, feel free to direct any additional questions to me.

Also, as you request your licenses, and see longer wait times (Paul Nagai), please forward me the SalesForce email you recieve. There may be high usage times where your wait may be longer, an hour is longer than I would expect though, as such, I would like to have our Web IT look into it.



Susan Fort
Product Manager, Arbortext Business Unit, PTC - | (937) 743-9091

PTC Licensing and Installation FAQ:

Determining the PTC_HOSTID

The installation technique for the PTC FlexNet license server is currently only available within the Pro/ENGINEER installation guide or the following suggested technique:

This includes the information on installing PTC FlexNet as Triad license server.

The following contains the process for updating the PTC License Server

Upgrade/Migration path for Remote Desktop users

Flexera requires concurrent licensing within a remote desktop environment. The Arbortext 5.4 and prior licensing was not as strick. If you need to use Arbortext 6.0 within a remote desktop and currently own Fixed/Locked licenses, contact your PTC Sales Rep. Your Sales Rep will guide you through the steps to upgrade your licenses.

FlexNet options file

– Contains FlexNet native optional rules used to manage licenses

– PTC defines only 2 rules by default

  • REPORTLOG – Flexera native report for their FlexNet manager software

  • TIMEOUTALL – Set s the TIMEOUT function for the server to reclaim licenses from idle clients

  • See Chapter 5 of the FlexNet Licensing End User Guide for more information on FlexNet options

Installing the FlexNet server

Common problems

** end of PTC Flexera licensing information **


Here you go, Gareth. The "Terminal Services" bullet is the key new
restriction describing the change your customer is seeing.

Hi Peter,
Take a look at this e-mail and the links it contains. Didn't see a direct
Citrix mention in the e-mail but maybe something will resonate with
whatever errors or fails you're seeing. Of course, I'm only assuming you're
looking at a 6.0 install. Can't remember if "registered user" implies that
or not ...

Thanks Paul, will check it out.

Thanks for posting, Susan. I was coincidentally having some issues updating a license for Editor last week. I got it resolved, but it took having to reinstall Flex a couple times.