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Arbortext IsoDraw reimport txt from XML file with macro


Arbortext IsoDraw reimport txt from XML file with macro

Hi all,

I would like to create a macro to reimport the text (with Object ID) present in an XML file into a .iso file.

My knowledge of IML is very basic (but at the end I manage to create a macro to apply the ID and export into XML ).

Please have a look at the attached and let me know if somebody out there can help me?

Thank you in advance



To apply the xml against the iso file you just need to open it while having the iso file open.

Untested, but this should work. The space in your file name might be an issue though.


Macro Import_XML

Define noExt as String

Define XML as String

noExt= StripExt(ActiveDoc.Path)

XML = noExt + '.xml'

Open XML

End Macro


Thank you very much Trevor,

this macro works for 1 file at the time, but unfortunately I work with a lot files at the time.

Usually I have 40 files ISO in 1 folder and 40 files XML in another folder, any tips?



You should be able to use the batch tool in IsoDraw. If you convert to IsoDraw you'll still have your source files as well.

Hi Trevor,

Sorry for delay, the macro works better but it is not fully automatic. (I have to select each xml file every time ), what I need is have automatic re-importation. Any suggestion to solve this?

Thanks in advance


Have you tried the batch tool? Check under File > Batch Process... (on 7.3). If you have an older version I believe it was here or under the Ext menu item.

Unfortunately yes, I did it.

I did this steps:

-Opened the ISO files

- lunch the batch

inside the batch window

- select the XML folder, select the macro and the final folder

- click on run

but at the end the final files ISO are blank

Batch seems to be flaky at times. Another hack, assuming you're on Windows, is to create a batch file that you can run on the directory.

Basically a forfiles command that runs something along the lines of...

IsoDraw7.exe "%1" -macro"YourMacro"

You'd need to add some verbiage to your macro to perform a save and close IsoDraw. Also note that I haven't used this in years so you'll need to confirm the name of the executable for IsoDraw and update it as appropriate.

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