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I'm getting some inconsistent results with boxing and I'm wondering if
anyone can shed some light. This relates to my previous question in terms
of markup and psuedo elements in use, but is more specific to this

1) Is there anyway to control the width of a box?

seems like short text gets a short box, but I would like to have a
consistent width that spans the column. I also have a situation where I
have a long title and it doesn't seem to wrap this title. Might be related
to the align group as well.

As I mentioned in the other post, the straight <title> elements span the
whole width, but places where I have the psuedo elements I'm getting
smaller boxed areas.

2) Filled boxes seem to take the offset values but outlined boxes don't.

I have set the top/bottom/right/left offsets to 4pts. In a filled box this
does what is expected, but in an outlined box it has no affect. The
outline hugs the content no matter what I set.

I'm tempted to try an use a graphic and just over print it with the
titles, but I have 1, 2 and 3 line titles that need to be accomodated.



I suppose you are using XSL-FO.

For the first question, my answer is NO. You can not control the width of fo:block.

My walk around solution is to put the content into a table. User columns to control the width.


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