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Documentum WDK Adapter - A47521 - File not found


Documentum WDK Adapter - A47521 - File not found

I've installed the Documentum WDK adapter and configured the WDK
customizations on top of a 6.5sp3 webtop webapp installation. I added an
acl file to custom/init/ directory that calls

set documentumserverurl=http://{webtop_server}:8080/webtop-ptc

The IE8 browser is displayed fine and I'm able to log-in and browse through
the folder structure. Navigating to an xml document (which is part of an
xmlapp), right-clicking, and selecting either the 'View in Arbortext
Editor' or 'Edit in Arbortext Editor' both resulted in a message box being
displayed in the Arbortext editor stating:

[A47521] File not found - was this object checked out on another computer?

The file was indeed downloaded by Documentum UCF because it resides in my
$USER_PROFILE/Documentum/Viewed/ directory, where $USER_PROFILE is the
'C:/Users/{username}' directory on Win7 and 'C:/Documents and
Settings/{username}' directory on WinXP.

Navigating to the file in windows explorer results in the file opening in
the editor.

Within the WDK Adapter browser, double-clicking on the XML file (not
checked-out) results in the file being opened in Arbortext Editor. If the
file is checked-out, then the shell association for 'Edit' of the XML file
appears to be wrong because it opens in notepad. As a side-note, I
accepted Arbortext as the default editor for all the file extension types
during the installation.

Reviewing the help, I've added command-line calls to perform logging but
no information is given to help point at the problem.

In order to rule out a system configuration issue, I also
installed Arbortext Editor with Styler onto the machine hosting the webapp
and content server with the same results.

What is the path that is being sent to the application for opening? I have

a feeling it isn't the location as pulled down by UCF.

Thanks for any assistance.


Hi Nicholas,
I don't have any help for your main question regarding the file not found message.

I can share some experiences we had that may shed light on some of the secondary problems you mention.

First, Microsoft updates have become more and more "grabby" over the .xml file association. We run the following code from a batch file we use to launch an Arbortext Editor session. Our batch files do a lot more, but these are the lines specific to the file association issues we've encountered. (Insert standard registry editing caveats here!)

assoc .xml=xmlfile
reg add HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\xmlfile\DefaultIcon /ve /d "C:\Program Files\Arbortext\Editor\bin\epic.exe,0" /f
reg delete HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\xmlfile\shell\Open /f
ftype xmlfile="C:\Program Files\Arbortext\Editor\bin\epic.exe" "%%1"

Second, we found during testing for an upgrade to Documentum 6.5 (I forget the SP) that settings in Webtop superceded Windows system file associations. Users *had* to configure .xml within Webtop to associate with Arbortext Editor. I frankly can't remember exactly which use cases uncovered this (double-clicking in the file system? selecting Edit from the WDK adapater?), but it was a surprise. Further, we also found that some trust (of the Documentum server) and ActiveX configurations resulted in a Webtop failure to preserve these user settings across sessions. That meant that users had to reset the file association in every WDK or Webtop session in order to use the file association in the use cases where Webtop's association superceded Windows'. Ugly.

Good luck!

Correcting my batch file lines. Hope I didn't steer anyone wrong!


should be:

ftype xmlfile=""

This error snuck into one of our environments ... not sure how ... most likely me retyping instead of copy/pasting. I grabbed from that environment before we discovered and corrected my mistake.

A configuration issue on the server was causing the error.

The Arbortext Documentum adapter integration requires the 'registry.mode' value in the UCF config to be 'registry' instead of file. Even though the local UCF configuration on the client in $USER_PROFILE/Documentum/ucf/{hostname}/shared/config/ucf.client.config.xml and the webtop server configuration in $webapp_home/wdk/contentXfer/ucf.installer.config.xml both specify 'registry.mode' as 'file' (as is the default in a D6.5sp3 installation) the transfer of file information to the Arbortext client fails.

The solution is simple - to specify the 'registry.mode' value to be 'windows' rather than file.

1) Edit the server configuration file $webapp_home/wdk/contentXfer/ucf.installer.config.xml to set the value from 'file' to 'windows'.

<option name='registry.mode' persistent='true'>

NOTE: Restart the appserver after making these changes.

2) Either edit the client file (note that persist is set to 'true' so won't be automatically updated with new settings) or delete the $USER_PROFILE/Documentum/ directory. This directory will automatically be recreated upon the applet execution. If choosing the edit approach, edit the $USER_PROFILE/Documentum/ucf/{hostname}/shared/config/ucf.client.config.xml file to appropriately reference 'windows' rather than 'file'.


After making these changes, the browsed XML file in the Documentum Webtop IE browser will now open in Arbortext as expected.

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