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EXTERNAL: Graphics in sub-directory


EXTERNAL: Graphics in sub-directory

It's easiest to use the append_graphics_path() function to add a new
path to check for graphics (if you're not using the Preferences UI).

I did the following test:

1) Create a sample Docbook document, and save it in a temp dir.

2) Create an "images" subdirectory, and copy a generic graphic file
into that subdirectory.

3) In the document, insert a <graphic fileref="sample.gif"/">
element, where "sample.gif" is the name of the test graphic.

4) At first the image doesn't display, i.e. I just get the missing
graphic icon.

5) On the Arbortext command line, I execute the following:

6) Now, position the caret after the graphic element, and from the
menus choose "View->Reload graphic". The graphic should now appear.

This also works if you add "./images" to the graphics path via the
Preferences UI. The key, maybe, is to make sure you choose "Reload
Graphic" to see the change after you add the new graphics path. If you
set it in Preferences, the result should be persistent, so that you can
close the document, re-open it, and it should still find your graphics.


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Senior Consultant


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