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Graphics in sub-directory


Graphics in sub-directory


Again troubled with images...

I'va tried to set the graphics path in the preferences of the editor (Arbortext 6 M010) as a sub-directory but whatever the way I write it it doesn't work:

I have all graphics in a sub-sub-folder named "cuadernoestudio/images_xml" and in the graphics path I've tried with the proper use of colons and all variations of " and "/"):




Hi Gabriel--

Did you try prefixing the path with a dot "." (for current directory)?
Try this:



Clay Helberg

Senior Consultant


1380 Forest Park Circle, Suite 100

Lafayette, CO 80027

Hi Clay,

No, It doesn't work.

Before having to reinstall the Editor, I would like to know if I I'm missing something, or It's simply a malfunction of my Editor...


Gabriel Oreggioni

If there is a finite number of paths preceding your "cuadernoestudio\images_xml" directory, you can list all of the potential paths separated by semi-colons.

pathA\cuadernoestudio\images_xml; pathB\cuadernoestudio\images_xml; pathC\cuadernoestudio\images_xml; etc. etc. I don't know what the limit is on the number of paths you can use, or if there is a limit at all.

If the possibilities are infinite, then I have no more suggestions, other than to tell you to place all of your images in the same folder(s) on the network and use unique filenames.