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FOSI - Screen display PIs????


FOSI - Screen display PIs????

I was reading that FOSI is supposed to be able to catch "

I was wondering if the FOSI engine will catch Arbortext PIs for screen rendering.

Something like this to make it obvious in the editor window that a page break has been inserted:

<e-i-c gi="_newpage" gitype="PI">
<charlist><usetext source="\" ---------=" page=" break=" --------\&quot;=" placemnt="after"></usetext></charlist>

I assume pagination in general is print-only?


John T. Jarrett
Sr. Tech Writer, BAE Systems Arbortext version 5.4 LOGSA XSL-FO v 1.5


If your talking about displaying an indication in the Editor window that
a page break has been inserted (via an element that forces one), there's
an option in the preferences that turns on "Forced Page Break"
indication (should also be visible by default in "no-tag-display" view).

If your looking for editor-view indication of normally-paginating page
breaks, that's a different story. I have heard of people trying this,
but I'm not sure how successful they were. Might be a function of the
Change Page for Defense app, I've never looked at it myself. In short,
there's no simple way to do that.

In Advanced preferences, look for pagebreaktext and showbreakfulltgas and related setting, which control the display of a forced page break in the Edit window.

Other than that, pagination information is not ordinarily available in the Edit window. However, Arbortext Page Layout markup (atipl) can be added to the document to make some page layout information available in the Edit window via e-i-cs in the FOSI. <advertisement>This topic is covered in my FOSI Quickstart Tutorials, which are described at