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Me Again: Error Message


Me Again: Error Message

Hello Again,

I get the following error message when I try to preview the document.

[A30040] ERROR: Infinite loop detected. Please check FOSI for recursive savetext/usetext combinations.

What I've done is set up my XML document and the style sheet then I close it. I open the XML document in a text editor and change the starting tag to chapter. When I open the document in Arbortext and insert a TOC, then try to preview, I get the error message. According to Arbortext, TOC is still a legal tag after title. When I delete the TOC tag, the error message goes away.

Curiouser and curiouser.



Look in your FOSI at the code generating the TOC. Especially every
instance of a savetext that is appending info to the text variable that
you are using to compile your TOC.

If you have code that's recursively adding information to the text
variable that's used to generate content for your TOC (I would suspect
from this behavior that adding the TOC is trying to add more content to
the text variable, sending the formatter into a loop as it keeps adding
content to the text var as the TOC keeps growing from all the content
being added to the text var) will cause this kind of error.

Review the help file for "set gentexttrace", add a trace to the variable
building your TOC, and see what it does. It should start building a
window showing content appending into the text var in question.

Hope this helps...


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