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Modifier on text (BO)


Modifier on text (BO)

Hi all,

In my running heading I have set a text variable that has a subparttitle occurring at the bottom of the page using the BO modifier. In a few cases the subpart title skips to the next page, but the text variable seems to be already set to that, so thatthewrong subpart titletext shows up in the running header.

Has anybody seen this and come up with a solution?




Here is something I was given by Arbortext several years ago when I was having a problem similar to your description. When an element split across a page break the variable value at the bottom of the page was indeterminate. Read through this and see if it helps. I assume that you are using a FOSI. Disregard if not.

<outspec fosicite="TO_FI_ALL_SAVES">

I hope this helps,

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I haven't tried this yet, but it might be what I am looking for.

Ellen B Headrick
Phone: 303.328.6358 |

Darn, this didn't work. Is there something that is for the BO? (Even though logically the save of all the FI and TOs should somehow be used for the BO).

Ellen B Headrick

Just to update people on this problem I was having.

Be aware I have found that you must do the savetext statements
after the usetext of the title have been output so that PE knows the page
number the title is really on. If not you can get the previous page number
showing up in the TOC. ALSO putting the placmnt=after on the savetext this
allows the composer to have already put the text on the page so that the page
number will be correct.

These two items helped my running header and we also found a couple of TOC page numbers that
were wrong.

I don't know if this will help somebody else, but just in case I have documented it here in developer speak
since I am not a very good writer! 🙂

Ellen B Headrick