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PTC/User, Demo Jam, and the Technical Committees


PTC/User, Demo Jam, and the Technical Committees

Greetings Adepters!

The PTC/User World Event is coming. The word is that the Arbortext
registration numbers are on track with last year (while the other product
lines are not). There were lots of really good presentations submitted, more
than we had slots to put them all in. It was a record year for submissions.
Every year our presence gets stronger.

Things you can look forward to this year:

* Two concurrent presentation tracks (next year we are hoping we have to
add a third)
* Dedicated Precision Learning classroom

The main conference runs Monday June 7th through Wednesday June 9th. Don't
leave until Thursday because....

* Tuesday Night: Arbortext Users Reception.
* Wednesday Night: Demo Jam! Come show off your stuff (or just something
cool you did)

Thanks Liz for the little ad for my tutorial hidden in there 🙂

I'll be running the APP tutorial session on Sunday 6th. It should be a
good workshop for those interested in learning more of the Advanced
Print Publisher solution. You can read more here:

I made my travel arrangements yesterday. I’m starting to get excited! There’s lots of great stuff on the agenda again this year, and I’m really looking forward to the demo jam.

As for attendance, the latest numbers are nearly 50% higher than they were the same time last year, so it should be a nice sized crowd of Arbortext attendees. This is really great news, because the more people who come, the more networking everyone can do, and the more value everyone gets from the conference. (Also, for the record, the other product areas have now caught up in terms of registrations compared to last year.)

If you haven’t already committed, please consider making the trip. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment: you’ll come away from the meeting with the latest news on Arbortext product development, great training on how to make the most of Arbortext software, lots of ideas for ways to improve your Arbortext application and workflow, and probably some new friends as well.

Hope to see you there!



Other news I just got:

This year Arbortext will be in the usability lab! This is a first for them.
It's a great hands on opportunity for you to see and use the next release of
Editor/PE and some previews of new products. (the next release is expected
next year)

Excellent! I just hope I can find an open time slot to get over there and check it out...

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