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Nicholas Berardo


Nicholas Berardo

I have problems in the installation of Isodraw 6, I tried to download the latest drivers from safenet, no success, none of them recognise the dongle. I have Windows Vista home basic, with 250GBRAM, hard drive. I have seen one person had this problem, and was suggested to alter the BIOS settings.

Regards Nick Berardo


Hello Nicholas

Your problem is with Operating system - Windows Vista it is not supported for Arbortext IsoDraw 6

Here you can find Arbortext IsoDraw platform support.

Best regards.


Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy

Hello Vladimir,

Thanks for the reply, I had visited the arbotext platfrom support, but in order to proceed I need the maintenance support with PTC

Thanks Nicholas


I normally work in Arbortext IsoDraw v7.1 M060 under control of system Windows Vista Business 32-bit.

Arbortext IsoDraw.jpg

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the info last week. Though, I had to log this case with PTC, technical support, they had provided me with a customer ref no, to rectify the problem. I saw on the list there is a platform for Arbotext Isodraw 7.0, no earlier version.

My worry is can ptc help me?, though I have, the Isodraw 6, not originally Arbotext, the former ITEDO?

Best Regards Nicholas

Nicholas, hello!

Try to update/buy technical support for Arbortext IsoDraw, then there will be a possibility to be updated to the latest version 7.1 (and soon already there is release 7.2). The list of resellers of products Arbortext in UK can be found here:

Kind Regards, Vladimir

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