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PE Config Question - Lost Stylesheet Selection


PE Config Question - Lost Stylesheet Selection

A couple of weeks ago, apparently I fixed something that wasn't broken and don't have a clue what I did.

Clicking File | Compose | PDF File, the down arrow next to Stylesheet has gone grey on me.

I can no longer choose from half a dozen stylesheets on the PE.

The Config File down arrow still works.

It is there in the Print Composed dialog box and works fine.

Can anyone tell me what I did to make THAT happen? Or, better yet, how to make it give me the ability to select back?

Unfortunately the PE Config.pdf wasn't helpful.


John T. Jarrett
BAE Systems | Arbortext version 5.4 | LOGSA XSL-FO v 1.5


Sounds like you made a stylesheet association in the file for printing. That's Format | Select Stylesheets... and then in the dialog you didn't just pick one to use, but associated that stylesheet for printing.

Steve Thompson

this option is set in the dcf file. it is an attribute at the top,
something about allowstylesheet selection,. this one bit me last year
- it seems composer doesn't read this but PE does. I couldn't figure
out why one I could select and the other I couldn't.


DCF file?

<options ...=" allowcomposestylesheetlist="yes" ...<br="/>

is boeing hiring?


I'll give you a job myself if you just stop spamming the list!!

I was told by someone who checked his profile on that this guy is a recruiter. Not that being a recruiter excuses the inept email practices.

Awesome. Yep, someone had uploaded a new dcf file and allowComposeStylesheetList="no" was right at the top!


John T. Jarrett CDT
Tech Writer II, Tech Pubs, ILS, Land & Armaments/Global Tactical Systems

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