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Some doubts about my Arbortext Editor


Some doubts about my Arbortext Editor

Hi everybody!

I have been consulting some tutorials in the communities ptc website and
I found something that I think it could be pretty useful for me, however
some steps they suggest to take are impossible for me to execute since I
don't have a "Tag Templates" option in my Tools menu :'( I don't know
why is that? They said they're using Arbortext 5.4 M080, where I could
find this information in my Arbortext? or Does anybody knows why I
didn't have this option visible?

As always, I really appreciate your time and support, and your
availability to share your experience with the people in this forum.

Best Regards.
Paulette Zorrilla

Hi Paulette--

Try this: from the menus choose Tools->Preferences, select the Window panel, and make sure "Full Menus" is checked. Then you should see your Tag Templates menu item.


Hi Paulette,

Do you have Tools > Preferences > Window > Full Menus checked? Tools > Tag Templates should be there in newer versions of Arbortext Editor.

For more information on setting up tag templates, you can search on it in the Help Center or type "help 7711" in your ACL command window.


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Woow! Jason, Clay thank you very much for your help. I can't believe I didn't see this option 😐

Problem solved! and I'm very happy =D

Paulette Zorrilla

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