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Top Arbortext Resources


Top Arbortext Resources


The Top Resources for Arbortext Users. If you're an Arbortext User, you should know about these resources:

Mailing list hosted by PTC/User

The PTC/User portal (

) hosts the long-running Adepters mailing list. This list started in 1996 and has always been monitored by the PTC/Arbortext software engineering staff. Many long-time users and tools folks also regularly monitor the list. If you have a question, it's a really good resource as questions generally get answered within 24 hours. Beginning and advanced questions encouraged.

The List Email Address is:


You can join the list from the PTC/User portal:

The Adepters Information Archive

The Adepters Information archive is located here

Many Arbortext users regularly search it for help with difficult to solve issues. The archive was started by Karl Johan Kleist. In 2008, Karl changed career paths, and Liz Fraley at Single-Sourcing Solutions has been maintaining it ever since.

Mailing List hosted by Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Group Name: 3b2users

3b2users is a list for users of Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher, formerly called Advent 3B2, for the exchange of information, hints and tips.

Introduction to DITA: A User Guide to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture Arbortext Edition - JoAnn Hackos

Although not an online resource, this is Arbortext-specific. Procedures and Examples in this book use Arbortext Editor.

The book can be ordered from ComTech Services here

Tutorial in the Help Center

After launching Arbortext Editor, go to the Help menu and launch the Help Center. The first item under Authoring is an Arbortext Editor Tutorial. This is a great place to start learning or to pick up some tips and shortcuts to what you do every day.

SF Bay Arbortext PTC/User Group

The SF Bay Arbortext PTC/User Group hosts monthly Live Meetings showcasing interesting implementation issues around the Arbortext community.

The meeting announcement page is here:

PubWright Podcast

Most Arbortext knowledge is tribal in nature. The PubWright podcast interviews Arbortext implementers, customers, and experts in an attempt to share that knowledge with the greater Arbortext community.

This is a podcast series available here and on iTunes here.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Visit the Arbortext PTC/User Group on Facebook here or join the discussions on LinkedIn here

You should follow us on Twitter here.

Advisory Line

Sometimes you need a quick answer and can't wait for someone to answer the question you posted to the mailing list or discussion board. Call an Advisor.


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