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Translation in GenText


Translation in GenText

Dear Users,

I am trying to translate the manual to FRENCH locale and it works fine everywhere except the Generated text of component which is composed of a Image , Text and element content. like below ,


If I translate CAUTION to say FRENCH CAUTION in XLIF and import and do a publish with lang=fr ,it still shows CAUTION and not FRENCH CAUTION.

Is there any issue or sould this be handled differently  ,pls help


_ Sriram Rammohan


The problem is that the conversion for a stored constant (gentext) you need to add to your style that allows French and then in the Style you need to add the French translation of caution for the English gentext value. Then when you set the fr attribute, it will pick the gentext for the stored value.

I think Arbortext help has the process for doing this. I may have it written down  so if you have an  issue in finding your solution let me know and if I have it I can send it to you.

Thanks Raymond , would it be possible to send the solution pls.

  Here is a process I have used. There may be other ways to do this and I hope this does work for you.

Setting up Translation Text in Styler


The following procedure enables you to set up translations for other languages used in Styler. This will allow you to modify translated text or create new translations as required.




  1. Open Arbortext with Styler
  2. Select your target document and open the document
  3. Open Styler
  4. Select pull down Export Generated Text
    1. Select a spot to put this file
    2. Select the language(s) you want to export
    3. Select OK
  5. Open the exported file in Arbortext editor (you could do this in Notepad++, but Arbortext keeps the structure valid as you go through).
  6. Do a search for the English (Source Language) phrase you want to modify
  7. Put the desired language text in the target field.
  8. Make all the desired changes as required to the document
  9. Save the document to disk
  10. Open your target document and open Styler
  11. Select Import Gent Text

    1. If you get a notification message, select “No to all”.

    2. Save the stylesheet
    3. Try a sample publish using Arbortext Editor with Styler locally
    4. For PE/APP server processing, it is necessary to restart the server.
    5. When document translations are checked out delete the working files saved on your local disk.


Thanks a lot Raymond for the detailed explanation !

I tried the same for my translated text inside Generated Text , but still it doesn't show up in the pdf. Strange to understand the behaviour for Gentext , but works well for text that involves direct translation like Heading , ToC, Glossary , other ..

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