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XML cross referencing.


XML cross referencing.

Ok, I am using Epic 5.3 with styler on an S1000D document. I am trying to do an internal cross reference from one element to another. Doing it the way the documentation says to do it, sorta kinda gets me what I want.



The problem is I cant get it to pick up the enumeration automatically and if I try to manually to type it in, this is what happens.....
[cid:image002.png@01CADD58.D30AEE90] It places the typed text between my generated text, Any IDEAS?

Sindy Young
AWACS Tools and Technology Team,
(253) 657-6964
Kent, WA 98032

Hi, Sindy...

What style do you have on the isolationStep element? There doesn't seem to
be any enumeration directly on it, so that might be the problem, but there
could be a way around that.

-Brandon 🙂

I work with 40051, not S1000D, but we have a similar issue.

Your isolationStep tag is not a step - the action is. Try assigning the id="is1.1" to <action id="StepIs1.1"> or something similar.

In our case we have an endblock with an ID as a container, but the step numbers actually start at the malfunction statement, ergo <endblock id="Eb5000-25"><malfunction id="Ma5000-25">[gentext step#] Generator is faulty.</malfunction><action>[gentext step#] Replace generator <xref stepstart="Ma5000-26">[gentext]Step 18[/gentext].</action> or something very similar to that. Our test blocks are the same way <testblock id="Tp5000-2"><step1 id="St5000-2"> and xref'ing to a testblock gets no gentext step# so we have to id the Step1 as well and link to that.

I assume you use the FOSI for print? 40051 has gone XSL-FO to print so the print output is different from the screen gentext - if you print via an FO, then print and see if you get a different result in a PDF.

Hope that helps,

John T. Jarrett CDT
Sr. Tech Writer, Tech Pubs, ILS, Land & Armaments/Global Tactical Systems

T 832.673.2147 | ext 1147 | -<">mailto:->
BAE Systems, 5000 I-10 West, Sealy, Texas USA 77474

Thanks John