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I am new to acl. I am currently creating a html from Arbortext Editor using the compose_xsl.

How do I create the html and open it in acl ?

Is there any documentation that defines the acl method calls ?

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ACL will allow you to open files, though I haven't done it in several years.
There is some fairly good documentation on ACL in the Help Center (starting
with Epic 5.4 and later). This is NOT the F1 help, but is a couple of items
below in the 'help' menu. Once the help center opens, select programming and
the command language reference.

I forget if it is 'file_open()' or 'doc_open()', but the help is searchable.


Select Help > Help Center. This is the menu Lynn is talking about.

Search for "doc_open". Select doc_open in the search results. This will
display the contents of that topic in the right-hand pane.

Click the Table of Contents icon in the icon-ribbon above to the right of
the content pane. The TOC icon looks like about eight black lines on a
white square. One of the black lines is highlighted blue. It is between a
down arrow on an orange square and a + sign next to a ribbon? maybe?

Anyhow this will update the left-hand pane (showing your search results) to
reflect the location in the Table of Contents of the content being shown in
the right-hand pane. You will find ALL the doc_xxxxx functions in a group.
(Note: This does not show all of the functions associated with opening
files, necessarily, just the ones that start with doc_ but it is a fairly
good way to see most of what you'll want.)

Older helps (HTML Help files) have sections that group functions by topic,
so all the file handling functions regardless of how they're named, are
accessible together. This is EXTREMELY helpful while learning and may make
it worth chasing down an older help file.

I have retained a copy of our old Arbortext 5.2 Help because it so much more user-friendly/intuitive than the 6.0 help.
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