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can't open file isodraw 7.2 M030 in 7.3 F000


can't open file isodraw 7.2 M030 in 7.3 F000

Hi all,

I received the file attached (file from 7.2.iso) from my client, he created this file with Isodraw 7.2 M030, I have a different version of isodraw 7.3 F000.

When I tried to open the file there is an error message (see error message.bmp).

Do you have any solution?




Massimiliano, hai scritto il commento nella sezione sbagliata.

In questa nessuno ti risponderà.

Te la faccio spostare, sperando che tu abbia più fortuna.

Ryan Kelley‌, can you please move this discussion in the right place?



Ciao Marco,

scusa la domanda, ma quale sarebbe la corretta sezione?



Hai scritto nella sezione PTC Live Global, che è quella inerente all'incontro mondiale degli utenti PTC.

Penso sia più adatta quella di Arbortext, comunque dovrebbe pensarci l'amministratore della comunità a spostarla.

Come hai visto l'ho messo in copia nel commento precedente.


I now have no access to Arbortext IsoDraw, but I normally opened your file in Creo View Express 3.0 M031. Here it is:


I think this might be the file extension. I simply changed the extension to the updated idr versus the older iso and it opened fine.

Hi Trevor,

I changed the extension of the file from .iso to .idr but I can not still open it in my isodraw 7.3.

Probably is there something wrong in my isodraw?   



Perhaps. Did you try the file I attached?

yes, I tried also your file, but nothing, the error message is always the same

We're on 7.3, M031 build 1. Not sure if it's a version issue or your install.

Before that though, I've included another copy of your file. I saved it back to version 7.2. Try that one.

If this does not work I'd suggest trying a fresh install.


If the problem continues, then contact with PTC's technical support by using "Case Logger":

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