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This is a pretty open-ended question, but hopefully it will be an easy fix.

Over the past 6 years or so, we would get the occasional entity (®,
&ndash) appear in our content (usually due to copy/paste from other non-xml

For some reason, this year we're getting all sorts of &ndash and &mdash
characters showing up, but I'm not aware of any significant changes made to
our DTD or configs.

Is there a simple way to force Arbortext to disallow (or automatically
resolve) these entity refs? We try to tell the writers to only put in
characters on the keyboard, but copy/paste still allows the rogue ’ or
the like to show up.

Any thoughts appreciated,
Keith Berard
Milliman Care Guidelines

Play with this and see what you need:
I think there are two preferences: "Convert Character Entities on Save:" and "Write Non-ASCII Characters As:".



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Or, in ACL-ese, "set entityoutputconvert" and "set writenonasciichar".


Clay Helberg

Senior Consultant



Checking both didn't seem to do what I wanted, but just Write Non-Ascii ->
Characters did the trick.

Thanks also for the acl, I'll add that to our startup scripts.


You might also want to look at 'entityinputconvert' which should ensure entities are converted to characters on opening a document or pasting in content from an external source.

Something to be aware of, if you place these options in a startup script their settings will not necessarily be reflected in the preferences panel. You can use eval option() on the command line to get the setting for the current document.


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If you're talking about the M-Dash and N-dash showing up in your document, it may be because of automatic character substitution being allowed. It will seem erratic because it's based on the location of the cursor when you type the '-' key. It will enter a dash, ndash or mdash based on what type of character is just before it meaning letter, number or space. You can also cycle through them by repeatedly hitting the '-' key. Since there isn't an ASCII character for those two, I assume they're being saved as entities.

If this is the issue, you can turn it off by either the DCF file for the doctype, or by remapping the '-' key in your init ACL file. It depends on the scope you want to address.

Hope this helps,