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keeping A3 pageset with no break


keeping A3 pageset with no break

Hello all,

I'm trying to create a manual using Arbortext 6.0 - M050.

I have to insert some table which are often in A3 / landscape pageset.

The pageset rules are :

- if one table is in A3 pageset and followed by a "normal" node, i've to insert a blank A3 page

- if the previous node is a A3 table, I must not insert a break between the two.

For now I'm able to insert the blank A3 page .

But if i've several A3 table in a row (4 in my test) :

- the first one switch to A3 pageset (OK)

- the second is on a new A4 pageset (Not OK)

-the third is just below the second (no break)

-the 4th is just below the third (no break + creating the blank page). (OK)

How can I make the inheritance of the A3 attributes from page to page ?

Thanks in advance ...


Hi Anne-Loure,

This is a variation on a very tricky problem I have only been able to solve with DTD modifications and tagging. Your best bet, if you haven't solved this or moved on already, is to join the Adepters mailing list where lots and lots of Arbortext users, admins, and developers hang out 24/7/366 (it is a leap year, you know!). Information on joining that list (as well as pointers to lots of other Arbortext resources) can be found here:

See also:

It is possible that someone on adepters has solved a more recent, more similar problem. Deveinitely check it out.

Good luck!