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Creo 2.0 Startup script


Creo 2.0 Startup script

I'm working on my Creo Parametric 2.0 startup script. M010, WIN 7 x64.
My plan is to launch parametric.exe, which loads parametric.psf. In the PSF, I RUN my BAT file to standardize.
Any drawbacks you can think of.

For Pro/E I run a BAT, which standardizes, then calls proe.exe, so this is a little different than that, which makes me ask the question.
The advantage I found is, this allows users to PIN parametric.exe to the taskbar and retain a Start In directory.

BTW, is there an ENV VAR for the start-in directory?


Thanks for all the direct replies.

No one really baulked at the use of the PSF file to call RUN the BAT file. I think it is a great idea because it allows you to launch Creo from the default icons/exe file and then configure the session using the PSF chooser running different BAT files.


If you want to make your BAT Pin-able, Brad Sessions has this tip:

I start Pro/E with a bat file and was unable to pin the shortcut to the taskbar until I added the following (red) to the Properties before the bat filename:

Target: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c C:\ptc\ProE_Agile_CO.bat
Start In: C:\ptc\pro_work



Did you try this? It's under the "customize" button in the reconfigure.exe program (used to be called PTCSETUP.exe) in your BIN directory.



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