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Creo 2.0-m080? Release date?


Creo 2.0-m080? Release date?


This is typical. A release date is advertised. The download typically is
available several days later. Physical media is available typically about
two weeks later.

I wonder if the advertised date corresponds to some other milestone, rather
than being available to customers.
Bob Monat
Jerand Technical Services, Inc.

23-Emerald II

That is a Best Guess Estimate date. It could be the anticipated internal release date after which they have to make CD/DVD masters and then upload the mastered data to the website for customer download. Like Bob said, it could be days or weeks before it is actually available.

PTC Proprietary: For Use by PTC Customers for Planning Purpose Only (Forecasted Dates May Change without Notice)

The following information is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a guarantee, commitment, condition, or offer by PTC. The release date of final production versions of PTC products may be revised frequently; accordingly, you should not rely on this data for production or purchasing decisions.

Updated as of:

October 4, 2013


We checked w/ our PTC rep. The date has been changed to Oct 18.

Joe Haines
ICT - IPD - Product Engineering - Virtual Reality & TWS
CNH America LLC
120 Brubaker Ave.
MS 652
New Holland, PA 17557
Desk (717) 355-3699
Cell (717) 371-3471
FX (717) 355-3937

Great..... unless congress passes a budget we'll be closed by then.

Guess I'll have to download it after the idiots pass something.

David Haigh

As of 10/10 there were 35 SPR's listed as reported in datecode M080. This may be a reason for the delay.

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