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Creo 2 Draft analysis


Creo 2 Draft analysis

Okay...I know this is the CAD forum...not the rant section....but I cannot hold it back any longer. The new draft analysis is truly horrible. Slow, cumbersome, un-imformative and a PAIN to use.


I know I can "save" an analysis....but I simply don't want it required of me to do that to have functionality that used to exist and worked fine previously.

end rant.



I endorse everything Dean says. The draft check tool is one of the most
important in a plastic part designers toolbox. Going back where it was
would be an improvement, but listen to what Dean has suggested as it all
makes good sense for those of us who use this tool regularly.

Steve Cooke

Thanks Steve - I will also jump on that list of supporters - I guess the
more voices that are heard, the more likely PTC will listen. Thanks for
voicing the concerns Dean, I agree with your assessment. We need two colors
- and edges.


I must agree with Dean's rant about Draft Check. One of the most important features of DC is the ability to visualize the parting line. This is much more difficult without 2 color display.

Barry Schaeffer

I agree in spirit, but I'd add a third color for insufficient draft.

If you're checking for X degrees of draft, everything greater than +X should be one color, everything less than -X another and everything in between a third. That makes things very clear.

Give users an option to make a rainbow if they want, but the default ought to be 3 colors.

BTW - On the edge display, you may want to log in to the PTC community and vote up this idea:

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Similarly, I’ve long created skeleton models in an assembly
where I create a master surface with parting surfaces (non-planer parting).
These parting surfaces were used in creating the component parts that make up
the assembly. Creo 2, even with “Mold Design” does not allow the creation of a silhouette
curve, so important in creating these parting surfaces, in a skeleton model.
They claim the creation of surfaces with silhouette curves in a skeleton model
is not best practices without explaining why.


Ross H. Liberty

President, Factory Pipe

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