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PTC font -


PTC font -

Calling Dan! "DAN!"

I am wondering if PTC is willing to provide the PTC fonts for Creo users so we can make accurate logo's for projects.

If not the font, maybe a series of approved sketches that can be used for extrudes or offsets.

Most companies would love you to use official logo art rather than trying to create a sketch outlining a small jpeg.

Can you enquire about this for us?

And in this same vane... TM vs R... I've seen "Creo" both registered and trademarked. Can someone in the public relations office clarify appropriate use?




I'll look into this for you.

I found out a few things.

  1. We can not provide you with the font because it is licensed
  2. If you're a Partner of Reseller, you do have access to logotypes, collateral, guidelines and images via the Partner Portal. You can request access to the Partner Portal.
  3. I could provide the images to the main product family logotypes here on PTC Community. Let me know if there is interest.

I probably have to settle for 3. If you could please attach a high rez PTC and Creo logo of the stylized font, that would be great.

Why not trace them in Illustrator or Inkscape?

5-Regular Member

There's no need to trace them (and you'd be better off using high-res images than traced vectors anyway). Many of PTC's documents include vector artwork that you can extract with a vector editor. For example this document includes the full PTC logo. Whether or not you have permission to use these logos is another matter. Check this first.

Providing you do have permission, you would import first page of the PDF, ungroup everything, then delete everything but the logo and save. If you don't have a vector editor, a 30 day trial should be fine for this - and you may like the software and decide to buy it for future tasks.

If you're in America then the appropriate Creo logo is the one with the R, which means the trademark is registered. Here's a link to the registration page.

The fonts used in Creo literature are FuturaBT-Book and FuturaBT-Medium.

This is a good open source vector editor:

I had to route logos on our CNC and typically anything I got from the PDF trick, Illustrator, or curves from fonts were always junk. It would take me longer to clean them up than just tracing them.

I agree. Nearly every major company I've worked for did not have a good vector based dataset of their corporate logo. But I never had a problem getting a decent high rez image from the media department.

All I was thinking is to use the correct font when I paste PTC and Creo on a widget model. I'll see what Dan comes up with. I don't have a problem with making a sketch over an image. I just need enough resolution to make it close.

It was always frustrating trying to explain to customers, "yes you gave me a vector file but your artist can get away with a lot more than I can because it's for visual purposes not for machining." Then explaining to my boss why it was taking so long, "You got a vector file, why can't you just throw it in there." smh

I tried various software to make vectors from images, none of them would give anything worth while and I would end up cleaning that up more than just doing it from scratch.

Attached is the PTC logo, PNG and EPS files

Attached is the PTC logo with Product & Service Advantage tagline, .PNG and .EPS files

Attached is the PTC Creo logotype, .PNG and .EPS files

Thanks Dan!

The only one I am missing is a clear version of this one. This last one is not the stylised font.

I'm still getting a lot of variation in TM and R.

I found this page:

...which shows CREO on its own as R and specific product references as TM making the image above incorrect. So if we use "PTC CREO"... I assume the correct usage is to add the R to each.

Thanks again for your help.

Here is my 1st attempt at the PTC logo using the underlay PTC_GRAY_1000x338 converted to BMP in MSPAINT.

Let me know if the image is not inbedded.

Anyone care to compare this to a vector generator app?

Please remember that this is an unofficial PTC logo for the purpose of geometric sections; not official art!

As for my efforts, this is free to use as you will.

If this is inappropriate to post, please feel free to delete, Dan.


Attached is Creo 2.0 Parametric full version.

Hi There,

I am new around here.

I am trying to cut a logo into a model; i.e. if I followed the conversation correctly. Can you point to a procedure or method I can use? I am stuck on how to get a profile on a sketch that I can extrude. Can I import something while in sketch?

Sorry for the hijack.


Hello Chris and welcome to the forum.

There are two ways to "engrave" or "emboss" text and logos onto a surface.

Flat surfaces obviously benefit from simple extrusions, but curved faces can be done with Project.

You can open pre-defined sketches which are fully parametric but sometimes it is easier to have a curve feature such as an imported DXF/DWG file where you simply project the curves into a sketch. The imported file serves as a non-parametric master and the sketch simply copies the geometry.

If you can open the attached files in this discussion, feel free to review and ask questions regarding Projected extrusions:

Using Datum Graphs in Relations

Business Continuity with Creo: Learn more about it here.