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SW is better than PROE I think


SW is better than PROE I think


I am a Certified SolidWorks Expert and have been using SW for over 11 years. My Pro/E - Creo experieince is only 4 months now, but SW beats Pro/E hands down in top down modeling, part creation and 2D Drawings hands down, in my opinion.

The Customer Service from PTC is much better than SW, but SW is intuitive, user friendly and faster to use.

Suggest you guys go to a Solidworks forum and jerk off there.

No way. I've been on Pro/E since v15, and would consider myself an expert. I also spent 6 month on SW, became very good at it, in which time I learned that the surfacing abilities in SW s#ck compared to Pro/E. Top-down design in SW is an absolute joke compared to Pro/E. I can create geometry via equations and such that are impossible in SW (try to duplicate some of the models I posted here - I dare ya). And, honestly, I hated the idiotic icon-driven GUI and childish graphics.

The only thing I liked about it, and feel is superior is they have a very good imprt data doctor, it works great automatically. So, having used both, I keep a copy of SW around simply in case I get an imported file that has issues.

Must not be if guys like you have to continually reassure yourselves by posting comments like this on a Pro/E Forum. If you like Solid works and it gets the job done for you then use it and leave real CAD to us Pro/E users. If you cant see the advantages of Pro/E then you are not using it to its potential anyway. Buy a box of crayons they are a lot cheaper than Solidworks.

Too bad you can't take the real facts too well. Forums like this are good for it also gives us the chance to compare competing products. Pro/E is good, but SW is faster, more productive and easier to use at this time. I am sure the programmers at PTC are trying to catch-up with their old buddies and hopefully they will.

Crayons are better than an Etch-A-Sketch for at least you can use color and see the world for what it is........

ProE created the paradigm - SolidWorks just copied it.

Point is, why do you Solid Works guys have to continually go to Pro/E Forums and start this discussion? This is a PTC Community made to discuss PTC products, topics, functions, and issues. We have to hear you guys in every forum created. If it was a forum called Pro/E vs. Solid Works then ok. It gets annoying, like the kid in school that had to brag about everything he had being better than yours. Just so you know, I have used both products and have even helped develop configurators for both. When you get that deep into the products you can really see the differences.

I have helped develop the last (3) releases of SolidWorks and I have been VERY deep into the product. Yes, it has pros and cons, just like Creo Elements. My comments were meant to both answer the Bloogers question as well as create an opportunity for the developers at PTC to make improvements. I do not understand peeps that slam others for being honest. Yes, this is a PTC forum, and always will be.

Don't you compare products you buy (cars, refrigerators, computers, TV's, etc.) before and after you purchase and use them? I believe there is nothing wrong with comparing the competition, for that is how I learn to design and develop better products than they have. I always keep an open mind.......

In the MCAD market they have many CAD brands and have some solution to do the becnch marking like.

Number of feature.

Number of Mouse click.

The time to do unitil finish.

Do you have this info?

I used to work with SW since 1998-2003 and now working with Pro/E and I got many advantages from this CAD like a name PRo/ENGINEER.

Hey, folks, no need for all the sarcasm. This topic has been discussed many times on this forum, and I'm sure it will raise its cute little head again in the future.

SW has been known since the beginning for "ease-of-use", and, in fact, ProE has adopted many interface ideas and methods from SW over the years. I have my own list of nice interface features from using SW in the past, features I would like to see in Pro.

Just to give you folks who love SW an idea of why so many of us prefer Pro, here are two of my biggies:

1. The math/modeling engine at the foundation of Pro is so much more powerful, capable and reliable. If you get into real Surface modeling and look at all the Advanced feature types like Variable Section Sweeps using trajpar and Graphs, Toroidal Bends, Spinal Bends, various blending techniques, and all the Advanced Assembly, Top-Down design and Programming capabilities, you begin to appreciate this.

2. Once you have done feature-based modeling with rigorous parent-child constraints for awhile, you really begin to appreciate the stability and editability of work created using that logic. Many of us have seen, by contrast, cases where changing something simple in a moderately complex SW assembly causes everything to "blow up" because of the lack of this rigour. For some users this "flexibility" seems like an advantage, but it can sometimes create a real time bomb.

There's more, but that's an overview.


Thank you for your explaination. Long time users (16 years) could go on and on with examples. I am one of those people that you speak of that loves the structure, stability, and power.

I guess I let the subject get under my skin a little because you see it so much and didn't intend to offend anyone it was all in fun. I often joke with guys at work that are former Solid Works users, who at one time made the same comment "Solid Works is better". Ask them now and they will tell you that they don't think that way anymore. To often new users to Pro/E are not taught how to use it correctly and they get frustrated. If Solid Works does the job for what you create then use it. As for me I like the structure and power that Pro/E provides.



SW is better than PROE I think

Microsoft Paint is better than SW I think.

It is interesting how people have differing views on CAD software these days. I try to keep my view very objective. Unfortunately I have had to use Solidworks for the last 6 months. I started out with an open mind...over time I have grown to truely like Pro/E over Solidworks. This is not because of preference but because of actual functionality issue with SW.

In fact things have gotten so bad that I have started keeping lists of the problems so that I am not accused of making things up etc. I have a very long list now. I have confirmed most of these things with SW tech support as well. Some issues have work arounds and some do not. Here is a very brief list of why Pro/E is much better for productive engineering the SW.

1. The intent manager is far better in sketching with Pro/E...much faster modeling is the result.

2. The ability to use powerful equations is far better in Pro/E. Yes SW has equations but the editor is a joke and there is no ability to automatically comment out equations that become obsolete etc...unless you manually do it. There are lots of other unfortunate things about the equations if you want a long list later.

3. Top down design is not better in has not decent layouts. Yes they have something CALLED a layout but it is no where near as powerful as Pro/E. For example a layout sketch is one single sketch...for a large assembly you can imagine how messy this can get. SW has no publish geometry/copy geometry functionality...the reference controls are poor and the list goes on.

4. Large assemblies in SW are a real pain...I have done HUGE assemblies in Pro/E with no problems...(think thousands of parts). Yes SW has its little feather capability but it is no where near as powerful as simplified reps in Pro/E.

5. While this is only one example it is indicative of how poorly thought out functionality is in SW...take an imported engine for example from a vendor...that has only surfaces in it. Can you assign a mass to it in SW? NO YOU CAN'T. You must first create a solid...then you can assign a mass...but can you assign inertial properties to that mass? No you can't SW does not have this functuality. In Pro/E you can assign a mass to a surface...and inertial properties. Yes this is only one example but there are MANY like it.

6. SW is very buggy. Over the last 6 months I have had several SPR's...usually 2 per week. You can't talk to SW directly though about it you have to go through a VAR. PTC tech support win's hands down.

Ok I am tired of typing now so suffice it to say Pro/E is an elegantly thought out tool that is in my estimation much better then SW. Yes there are certain things about SW that I like better, for example simple things like "catapillar welds" in a drawing...but over all Pro/E is a much better package and is certainly what I prefer.


PS. I really like the fact that Pro/E has a option that when set will not save a part/assembly/drawing etc. unless it has actually been changed...I can't tell you how many times SW thinks something has been changed when it has NOT been changed...then advises you that you should save it...I think if I recall SW blames this on microsoft though

Oh yeah and while we are talking about microsoft...SW stores just about every stinking setting in the registries instead of a config file like Pro/E. This is very makes it hard for a system CAD admin to deploy company settings to each user...yes they have some tools for this but they are lacking. Oh and I can't tell you how many times the SW registries have become corrupted and I have been directed by tech support to delete them! In the 13 years that I have used Pro/E I have NEVER had the, config.sup, or the drawing config get corrupted...


I think we should all get together one Warm evening at PTC User in Vegas and have some Cold Beers in the Rose Garden!

BTW in the 90's they launched a color etch a-sketch...

Hi All,

This topic is a great one. One that will surface time and time again. Although I encourage mature debate and members discussing their differing view points with such passion, let's keep the obscene and derogatory statements on the shelf...even if they are directed at PTC's competitors and their products

Yes, I'll take that beer now


5-Regular Member

Speaking from the stand point I have used both, and it has already been stated each has good and bad points. I think if you have been using X software for an extended period of time and all of a sudden you have to use Y software. It takes a bit to break habits of well I would do it this way in X program. I personally have used the gambit of 2d and 3d software packages. Saying that I know hands down if giving the choice I would always choose Pro/e (creo) “even with its new and not so sure improved user interface”. I have always found it to be a very solid platform.

But everyone is entitled to each own opinion.. thanks for sharing..??.. Lol……

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