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Shade with edges


Shade with edges

Can you change the color for the edges when in shade mode? Black would be nice 🙂

Wildfire 4.0

Thank you.



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I believe the trick in WF4 is to change the color of the part to black with the edges checked then go and change the color of the surfaces. This will leave the edges black. Black edges if needed are in Creo.


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Starting in Creo Parametric you can choose the color of the shaded edge. Prior to that it was based on the color of the model.

See CS42424 (
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FYI - The Config option listed in PTC's resolution isn't valid.
At least it wasn't for my install of Creo Parametric 2.0
I had to put display shadewithedges in my config to turn on shaded edges as the default model display setting.
Also - Something I've tolerated for a long time now was when I would load a custom_color.dtm file the edge color would change.
I wanted it to be black but the only time it was black was if I was using the Creo default grey model color.
Adding SYSTEM_SHADED_EDGE_COLOR 15.294118 15.294118 15.294118 to my personal SCL file sets the edge color to black for all colors in my .dtm
Doesn't work as well for colors with transparency but it's much better than before.

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Good day all

I depend on Photoshop elements (or GIMP). It's easy enough to select the edge by color and then fill; plus, unlike even Creo colored edges, I can not only select an edge color at any time, I can select the part/assembly perimeter and shade/fill it with a slightly wider line to emphasize it against the background, similar to the way drawings and illustrations used to add contrast.


Has anyone managed to get 'hard' edges showing, but with tangent edges either dimmed or off in 3D shaded view, in Creo 2?

I dislike the new Catia-like appearance, where if I want to see edges at all I have to have dark tangent edges too.


shade_with_edge_tangent NO

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