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UNIX Performance


UNIX Performance

Anyone using UNIX with WF 2.0 experiencing very slow performance? I am
running an HP Workstation C3750 with 8 gig of ram and it is a dog. I can
open very large models but very slowly. I am running a HP xw9300
Workstation beside the UNIX. The PC outperforms the UNIX and is my primary
workstation. Prior to Wildfire the UNIX seemed to run better. I am not an
Admin. but the UNIX feels like I have 5 sessions running in the background.
I am on a large Network, no one is ever r-logged in. The Admin's say
that's just the way is for the UNIX.

Douglas Bowles/Sr. Mechanical Designer
[DKBowles & Assoc. Inc.]
C/O Raytheon Missile Systems Co.
Advanced Programs Dept.
Bldg 808, Col. L3, K0257,
phone 520.794-1935
cell 520.490-9395

We deployed WF3 (from 2001) a couple of week ago, and most of our SUN
UNIX users are saying the same thing.

Gerry Champoux Williams International
Lead Engineer 2280 E. West Maple Road
Information Technology Walled Lake, MI 48390
(248) 624-5200, x2816 (248) 960-2607 (fax)
Pro/E WildFire 3 M030
Intralink 3.4, M030

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