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Wildfire 2.0 Support


Wildfire 2.0 Support


I finally got around to viewing Michael Campbell's presentation entitled "Pro/ENGINEER Roadmap
from the 2007 World Event.

On slide 5 it states under the Lifecycle status - Limited Support bullet that "limited support status until
February 2008". Does this mean that there is limited support today for WF 2 and if so, what does limited support mean?

Does this also mean that WF 2.0 suppport will end at the end of February 2008?\

Brad Hacker
Zebra Technologies Corp.


Since they have stated that there will be no more builds of Wildfire2,
that makes puts the code into the Limited Support category. They will
answer questions and provide work arounds, but PTC does not plan on
releasing another build.

Support for Wildfire2 will end 2 years after the release of Wildfire3.
This has been a stated PTC timeline for a few years now. Technically
support doesn't end until March 17, 2008.

Ben Loosli
Sr IS Technologist
Engineering Automation Systems
L-3 Communications/Integrated Systems
Waco, TX 76715


5-Regular Member

Brad -

Limited Support is the status of a Pro/E Release just before it moves to
End of Life.

So, some definitions...

Limited Support is a lifecycle period for one year. It began for Pro/E
Wildfire 2.0 in March of this year. During this one year period, PTC
R&D does not issue regular maintenance builds of the release. Instead,
on a quarterly basis R&D meets with Technical Support to determine if
there are any critical issues, which must be addressed in an MOR for the
release in question. If there are, then we will kick off the build
process, and prepare another MOR of that release. If there are not, we
will not do so. Regardless of whether or not R&D actually builds
another MOR, we are committed to meeting with Tech Support each quarter,
to assess the need for another MOR.

The February 2008 MOR of Wildfire 2.0 (should Tech Support and R&D agree
it is necessary) will be the very last MOR of the Wildfire 2.0 release.
After that, the release will officially move to "End of Life" status,
which means that Tech Support will still be happy to take your calls
about the release, but if you report an SPR, that SPR will not be fixed
in any MOR of Wildfire 2.0, and can only be addressed in an MOR of
Wildfire 3.0 and/or Wildfire 4.0.

Hope that clarifies the slide, and thanks for taking the time to look at
them. Hope they were useful otherwise.

~ Mike

Michael M. Campbell
V.P. of Product Management, Desktop Products

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