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Zebra Stripes, Rendering


Zebra Stripes, Rendering

Hi everyone,

People who have used them will know what I'm talking about... how do you
get them on a model?

I've seen them used at last year's PTCUser conference but I can't
remember how to get the zebra stripes on a model. I'm pretty sure it has
something to do with rendering, but I'm not 100% certain.


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You don't have to go into rendering to do this. Pick Analysis,
Geometry, Reflection - pick your surfaces (Ctrl key for multiples) and
you will see the stripes.


Mike Brattoli

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Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

One step further, select the part from the model tree (top item) and it
will select all the surfaces. All the edges will turn red - hit view
repaint and it will get rid of the red lines but keep the zebra

The same method works for Analysis, geometry, Draft. You can select
individual surfaces by control clicking, otherwise pick the part from
the model tree (again top pick). View repaint again will get of rid of
your selection (red lines) but leave the draft angle colors. Draft
check - I think it changed between one of the WF versions.

- This is WF3, I assume it's the same in WF4.


Alternate approach for the hi-end users...

The zebra stripes tool in Pro/ENGINEER is often not using a high enough
resolution for fine manipulations concerning light reflections used in
ergonomic or specialized industrial design. So in substitute I suggest
using hi resolution imagery. (above 2500dpi) I like motogp pictures
personally. I'll add the images to a room and turn on real-time render. I
find the crisp edges I get from a high resolution image offers better
results over zebra stripes.

Bart Brejcha
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