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difference between "publish geometry" and "copy geometry"


difference between "publish geometry" and "copy geometry"

Hello ProE pros...

What is the difference between a published and a copied geometry? In what circumstances would I use a "copy geometry" rather than a "publish geometry" ?

thank you all



The part that you want to copy information from gets the publish geometry;
the part that you want to propagate the information to gets the copy
geometry. The publish geometry gets copy geom'd into the part via the
assembly by making the part active and then clicking share data and creating
a copy geom. the reference for the copy geom., that which you want to copy
is the publish geom. from the other part. I hope this helps.


21-Topaz II

Publish and copy geoms are two ends of the same chain that allow you to
share geometry between parts.

The Publish geom is like a container in which you put all the geometry
from the source part that you want to 'publish', or make available to an
external model.

The Copy is the feature in the target model that looks in the publish
geom and 'copies' that geometry into the target model. An assembly is
required to determine the position of the geometry in the target.

There are other possibilities. For example, us of an external copy geom
doesn't require an assembly but uses a coordinate system to locate the
geometry and a copy geom can create it's own set of geometry without the
use of a publish geom in the source, but that the gist of it.

Doug Schaefer
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