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how to connect them?


how to connect them?

how two connect these?


No fair not adding a picture!

Creo 2 or 3?

i have given the part..creo elements pro/5.0


ok something like this

Oh, nice! We had a very nice discussion about this but I can never find these when you need them.

Getting them joined is not a problem; making them "nice" is more challenging.

yes exactly..making them "nice" challenging.

i thought "style" would be off help...but then i do not have experience with style tool bar.

There is a nice junction in this discussion including a sample part...

Unable to do reflection analysis

N-sided surface also can be used...




Getting that center transition with continuous curvature is a real pest when you don't have style.

Rohit, isn't Creo 3 offering you this capability in the core package?

the centre are always comes flat...

in n sided surface it is better...but then how to know it is exactly correct?

are you talking about about creo 3.0 boundary blend?

the surface option in "style" does not give the desired result.

offcourse i did not add extra curves.

the "fill" option in solidworks fails miserably too.

From an industrial design concept, core Creo falls way short in high order surface generation.

I thought I saw some videos in Creo 3.0 that is suppose to address this. Maybe it is simply the cubic n-sided surface with a new UI. Not sure having not explored this yet.

However, this can be done with grace and style (generic, not Creo). I find Creo 2.0 more frustrating then ever in getting surfaces like this to work. I know how to inspect them, but without the right tools you can loose days over this.

Antonius..if you have a good internet connection you can install Creo 3.0 trial in abt 45 mins...that is the time it took me with a 4 Mbps connection.

my trial is getting over....other than the align option in "freestyle" and the " optimize surface" in boundary blend..i do not remember anything new in Creo 3.0....

we have a "style" license at office..but rarely use not much experience...

I can't risk messing up a production environment with a Creo 3 install.

Here you go:

I don´t have Creo 3, but it seems that you can do it with freestyle:

Aligning Freestyle Geometry

And a member of our community has a good tutorial about surfaces of that kind: here.

t-s-11(3).pdf - Adobe Reader_2014-08-26_23-18-26.png

Thanks, Jose. Another hidden command added to my ribbon

conic surface and n-sided patch.

22-Sapphire II

Hmmm, might have to try that with an N-sided patch!

I did an N-Sided patch and think it turned out pretty well. Haven't done one of those in forever. Don't have the "Style" extension.


Very nice Frank!

How about creating a flat surface and three boundary blends?


Video Link : 5222

yes i have made that one..instead of intersect curves i used datum points though.

thanks for your effort.

22-Sapphire II

As always, it depends on EXACTLY the geometry you want. There are any number of ways to do this, and they all produce different geometry. Doing it with a "triangular" flat is easier and less CPU/data storage also doesn't "blend" anything, it's just a flat and toroidial surfaces. I liked the N-sided patch better, personally. But, here's an easier/much less features way to do what you did. No reason to creat boundary blends if you don't need them, these are simple toroidial surfaces.


That n-sided patch dialog is driving me nuts. In my Creo, it doesn't even highlight the edges although it asks how to deal with it's blending surface on the highlighted edge.

But the challenge is ON...

The C2 curvature round fails miserably on this sample. But the feature is easy enough to create.

22-Sapphire II

I noticed that too, it was a pain figuring out what edge was what, but I eventually got it by remembering which edge I picked first, and the fact that on certain ones it's default was the datum plane. The GUI could DEFINATELY be better!

Okay; 3 days and many fails... I finally got one that might pass mustard. (don't ask me who came up with that one!)

All surface boundary blends were joined using curvature.

If I had to explain the process, I couldn't. ...So I attached the file.

But it also passed the final test. It solidifies!

Creo 2.0 attached and STEP.

Set shade quality to about 10 to see get a fairly smooth surface to evaluate.

22-Sapphire II

Wow, nice work! I can't wait for Pro/E to simply just be able to DO that without having to build things so elaborately.

Glad I don't have to worry about that, I know the guy polishing the mold will make everything C2 as long as I get it as close as possible.

I worked on a couple of ID projects and they really wanted the model -perfect- since it makes the EDM forms. Any glitch in the model will reflect in the mold.

In general I agree; sandpaper is the best C2 tool ever made. Maybe we need a sandpaper feature!

Muster. You have to pass muster. Military term. First formation of the day. You don't pass muster, you in a heap o' trouble. The start of what will probably be a very bad day.

Passing mustard is a whole different thing.

...especially if it's SPICY mustard....

Ok, back on target. I just made 3 solid tubes that connected, and used a D1xD2 C2 round, tweaking the size and shape factor:


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