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Square dome


Square dome

Hi all, just wondered if there was i better way to model a square dome. See the attached model, the results are ok, but i'll bet there is a better technique.

(One for Antonius perhaps )




If you set the option:

allow_anatomic_features yes

then you'll be able to use radius dome and section dome to do this kind of thing.


please examine attached file. it's definitely easier but I'm not sure if you like the results.

Excellent Paul. I have that switch turned on but never knew about domes.

I'm going to guess Paul, your request is an industrial design type question where the surface transitions are key.

I am also going to suggest you don't have the Style extension.

The hardest thing to deal with is that "singularity"... that pinch point in the center.

I'll see what I can do. You have a lot of options since everything has radiuses.

Here is one attempt. It is quite flexible to get the right "feel". It follows your original edge and fillet.

I used a arc for the top of the dome, but a spline might give a better ID feel. As you know, these things can really get out of hand if you get enough opinions.

The key here is the flexibility of the model. It is terminated with a boundary blend between two surfaces with curvature constraints. A somewhat hidden option of managing the curvature is one very powerful control feature as shown in the video. This really should be on by default.

The reason for the projected sketch from the 1/8th section is just to get an easy to select continuous edge for the sweep. There are other means, of course. More care could be taken on this outer edge for even better curvature control. I just followed the original intent without using true arcs.

Tweak the "dome" diameter and the plane elevation to get a varied result. Also, the boundary blend's Contraints>"drag handles" will really change the softness of the transition.

Note: I put the accuracy at absolute .00005 just to make sure there were no wrinkles. You can reset this to relative .0012 without issues. I didn't like the analysis at that course level.

let me know if you something doesn't make sense.

Creo 2.0 full version attached.


I like what this does to the skirt edge at the boundary blend transition...

Just add the ^2 as shown.


See, once you get started you just can't leave it alone

Okay, I'm settling for this one in my preferrence list

Several tweaks including managing the radius on the edge in the sweep.


Thank you all, for your replies. It is interesting to see your different approaches. When i get a little more time, i will study them further & decide whether my original method or one other gives the best results.


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