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07 - Multibody – How to display, use or call-out a body parameter – Part 1

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Hello everyone and welcome to blog post #7 in this multibody blog series. This post also attempts to answer another body parameter related question:

How can I display, use or call-out a body parameter?

If you want to call out a body parameter then you have to use the syntax as explained in the Creo help here.






Note: For bodies that have the default name (body 1, body 2, etc) you cannot use the system-defined default body name but you have to use the body’s Feature ID. (The reason is that the system-defined names such as body 1, body 2, etc are localized and translated into other languages and therefore not representing stable references across languages.)



Let’s assume we have 2 bodies. Here their names and parameters list.




To call out the parameter “MY_BODY_INFO” for both bodies, we can now use the following for body 1

  • &MY_BODY_INFO:BID_-5778


And one of the following options for the WHEEL body (which has id 6105)

  • &MY_BODY_INFO:BID_6105


So if you create a note and enter:


You will see the resulting note text being:


I think we have a preference of using body names. Therefore the system automatically tries to convert the body IDs to body names where possible.
So when you go back to the call-out symbol definition, you will see it being changed to



Thanks for reading. I hope it was informative.


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