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2D Detailing: Dimensions

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Attached to this blog post is a short presentation on the new enhancements to Dimensions in Creo 4.0 in Drawing mode.

Any questions or feedback you have related to Dimensions should be provided as comments to the blog post.

That will be the easiest way for me to keep track of the comments and also be able to provide timely responses to your questions. If you follow this post, you can be notified of those comments as well and be able to learn from what others are asking. I may also periodically update this post to add some new details or information related to Dimensions.

Also, don't forget to follow the main blog post for 2D Detailing - which will have links to other 2D Detailing-related content 2D Detailing Home: Start Here!


When i flip a dimension arrow with right mouse click, i need to move the dimension text to see the change, which i don't want to; basically you cant flip the arrows with the dimension without changing the dimension location. This a bug???

It was possible in earlier versions.

Yes, in prior versions when you have a dimension selected and if you hold down the left mouse button, you can tap the right mouse button to flip the arrows without having to move the dimension even a little bit.

We are aware that this is no longer working in Creo 4.0 and we're working on fixing it for F000.



Thanks for the update

Still not possible to correct a lost reference of a ordinate base dimension, i would have waited for this to fix!

if a have a big part with 30+ dimensions i have to place them all again.

Is this planned to change?

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