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2D Detailing Home: Start Here!

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I'm creating this blog to be the central home page for anyone interested in trying out the new functionality in Creo 4.0 related to 2D Detailing (drawing mode).

Below will be links to other blog posts on specific detailed topics under the general heading of 2D Detailing. I'm interested in getting your feedback on all the new stuff, but I also want to try to do this in a somewhat organized fashion. So, you can think of this blog as the top node of a tree that will have a number of branches below it for the various 2D Detailing related topics.


2D Detailing:  Datum Feature Symbols

2D Detailing:  Datum Targets

2D Detailing:  Geometric Tolerances (GTOL)

2D Detailing:  Dimensions

2D Detailing:  Embed Images in Drawings

2D Detailing:  Replace Model of Drawing View

2D Detailing:  Non-Linear Cross Hatching Styles

2D Detailing / MBD: New Text and Symbol Fonts


Newly added! Standards-Based Syntax Checking for Annotations


How can one make the 2D detailing datum target circle area match the view scale?


When I place the datum target on the detail view with default scale 1:2, select circle target area, put 6 in for target area size, the target area is twice size, or in other words, sizing the target area at 1:1 over a view scale of 1:2.

On Creo4 M080

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