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Creo 4.0 MBD Home: Start Here!

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I'm creating this blog to be the central home page for anyone interested in trying out the new functionality in Creo 4.0 to support Model Based Definition (MBD).

Below will be links to other blog posts on specific detailed topics under the general heading of MBD. I'm interested in getting your feedback on all the new stuff, but I also want to try to do this in a somewhat organized fashion. So, you can think of this blog as the top node of a tree that will have a number of branches below it for the various MBD related topics. At the moment, I only have some general


Model Based Design What New

MBD: Datum Feature Symbols

MBD: Dimensions

MBD: Datum Targets

MBD: Geometric Tolerances (GTOL)

MBD: Standalone Annotations vs. Annotation Features

2D Detailing / MBD: New Text and Symbol Fonts

Newly added! Standards-Based Syntax Checking for Annotations



Under the dimension 'Format" tab, maybe next to the "copy text style" icon we should add an icon/function to restore default text style.

I could see users tweaking the values and not being able to get back to the company defined standard.

Also, I found myself wanting to move dimensions from one combination state to another while playing around.  I was workflow/thinking like "switch view" on a drawing.   - Just a thought.

Looking good.

Thanks much,


Thanks for the feedback.

We can look into the idea of providing a quick way to restore the default text formatting.

We also thought about some improvements to the Add to State and Remove from State commands to make it easier to "move" an annotation from one state to another in one action instead of adding and removing in two separate steps, but we weren't able to implement them in Creo 4.0.

We'll be considering these things in the context of Creo 5.0.


What are the advantages / disadvantages of creating an annotation or an annotation feature?

From my experience, Annotation features pre-Creo4 offered the ability to add additional geometry to the definition of an annotation element as well as providing the ability to Designate an annotation so that it can be managed as a characteristic using Windchill MPMLink.  Also, with annotation features you can assign feature parameters to your annotations.

That being said, in Creo 4 all of these capabilities are now available with "Annotation Elements".  My initial thought is that there is no need for Annotation Features other than to support legacy models.  I expect that we will not promote the use of Annotation Features moving forward once Creo 4 is released.

I wrote a blog post about the topic of standalone annotations vs. annotation features.

MBD: Standalone Annotations vs. Annotation Features

I figured it made sense to provide a more thorough explanation that would attempt to answer all the questions likely to come up. Check it out and if you have any additional questions/comments, add them under the blog post itself.




In a nutshell, you're absolutely right. My blog post (MBD: Standalone Annotations vs. Annotation Features) essentially says the same things, just in more words!


I just read your blog post.  Very informative.  I learned a few things myself.  I really like your 3 criteria to consider when deciding whether to use annotations vs annotation features.


Thanks, this is exactly what I required.


all links are dead. is there another place to view these pdf's?

Hi @rustys 


We do have some archived materials that we need to resurface. I can check for you. Are you still on Creo 4.0?

I would also like to see those links restored. We are on Creo 4.0

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