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Creo Behavioral Modeling Tips & Techniques Session Recording (West Coast)

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Check out this video on Creo Behavioral Modeling from PTC Application Engineers

Presenters: Lino Tozzi(Technical Specialist, Fellow) and Ryan Butcher (Technical Specialist, Fellow)




To dive deeper into the subject, check out PTC University.


Webcast Q&A

Question from JacobWhen showing a parameter in a note, I find that the model has to be regenerated twice before the note will update.  Is there a way to get the relations to regenerate before the note is regenerated?

Answer:  The regeneration process works in the following order:

  1. Calculation of initial relations
  2. Regeneration of features, which changes geometry
  3. Calculating of post regeneration relations.

To avoid having to regenerate twice:

  • Geometry and mass properties related parameters.
    • Calculate geometry related parameters in initial relations.
    • Calculate mass properties related parameters in Post Regeneration relations
  • Reorder the relations using the Sort relations functionality

Question from JacobCan you use a user created relation parameter as a goal to minimize?

Answer:  Yes



Webcast Q&A

Question from JohnCan I get the values to show up in the history tree, so I don't have to click in to a given feature to check it?

Answer:  Yes, they can be displayed in a column of the Model Tree.

Question from JohnCan I change feature names on the fly in an analysis or do I have to go back to the feature to rename, then rerun the analysis?

Answer:  You can name it on the fly in the analysis.  Just need to press enter once you type in the new name in the analysis window.

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