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Did You Know? 2D Box Selection with Creo 4.0

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Have you downloaded Creo 4.0 yet? One tool you’ll want to start using right away is box selection, available throughout the product and in idle mode. With box select, you can make the selection by simply clicking and dragging, then invoke commands such as hide, for example. It’s easy to use, but in this post, our expert offers a few tips for making the most of box select.

Creo 4.0 now includes 2D box selection throughout the product as a selection method in idle mode. You can now use 2D box selection for most of the tools that support object/ action workflows. Here are a few tips:

• 2D box selection in Creo honors the selection filter settings and only selects the type of objects defined by the selection filter.

• If you press and hold Ctrl while using box selection, then objects are added cumulatively to the selection.

• To remove objects from the selection, press and hold Ctrl and then click the individual objects.

• 2D box selection in Creo also uses common direction-specific behavior.

o When you draw the box from left to right, all items entirely located within the box are selected.

o When you draw from right to left, all items touched by the 2D box are selected.


Drawing the box from right to left selects all items touched by the 2D box.

Unless intent-based selection is advised, the new 2D box selection is an efficient alternative to individual selections or complex composite selections.

To see a demo of these tips, check out the video:

You can also learn more by reading the PTC Creo Help Center page, 2D Box Selection.

If you haven’t already, download the software here and try it yourself. And stay tuned to our “Did You Know” blog series, as we cover more enhancements in PTC Creo 4.0.


Thank you for the information that you about the 2D Box Selection with Creo 4.0

is 2D Box selection available in previous version, Creo 3.0?

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