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Multibody - How to get rid of a body

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(Remove a body versus hide a body vs delete body vs deleting/suppressing contributing features)

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post  in this Creo multibody blog series.

Today’s topic: Various way to “get rid of” a body and their differences

Let’s have a look at various concepts that you might want to apply depending on what you want to achieve.

Creo offers the following:

  • Hide/Show a body
    1. As with other objects you can use show/hide commands to control the visibility of bodies. This is just changing the visual appearance toggling the display for a selected body and does neither remove the body object from the model, nor its geometry or mass
  • “Consume a body” in Boolean features

Boolean features have a Keep body option, to control whether the tool bodies should be consumed in the operation or whether a copy of their geometry should be used for the Boolean operation. Consumed bodies are shown in the body folder depending on the tree filter settings.


  • “Remove body” feature

This allows you to create a feature to consume a body. The body cannot be used further, and its geometry is removed.

Note that the features are not removed or deleted but the geometry created by those features will not show anymore.

Remove body is a feature so you can suppress or delete it or roll-back the model to before the Remove-Body feature to get the body back.


Would suppressing contributing features also work to get rid of a body?
This could potentially work in very simple examples for cases where these contributing features have no dependent children features and none of the contributing features contribute to or impact other bodies as well.

In contrast to that, the remove-body feature leaves the other design features intact and just removes the body at time of its regeneration. Note that the body is still active and used in regeneration states before the remove-body feature.


Good examples that illustrate the benefits and need for a remove body features (where suppressing features wouldn’t help or not be possible are:


  1. a situation where you bring several bodies A,B and C into a part via a single import feature or copy-geometry, or merge/inheritance feature and you want to only remove body B.
  2. a situation where you mirror a part design having bodies A,B and C to get A’, B’ and C’ and you just want to get rid of B’



  • Delete a body

The delete body command completely deletes the body from the model for situations where you want to entirely get rid of the body object, free up its name in the name space and entirely remove it from the internal model entity data base. This is possible for two workflows:

  1. Delete new empty body
  2. Delete a body that doesn’t have any contributing features anymore


Thanks for reading.  I hope it was informative. If you liked it, give it a Kudo.


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