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Can't Run APIWizard for Toolkit Docs (NullPointerException)


Can't Run APIWizard for Toolkit Docs (NullPointerException)

Hi Everyone -

I am unable to run the APIWizard applet for toolkit docs. On Firefox,
the applet (left column) frame shows a tiny red string that reads
"Error: Click for details". When I click that link, I see an
Application Error dialog box showing "NullPointerException" in bold
text. That dialog has a button to show details, which brings up
Firefox's Java Console. The console shows a series of errors, but
doesn't mention NullPointerException.

These results are more helpful than Internet Explorer 8, which hangs
up on the IETestPlugin.html page.

I am running Firefox v22 with the Java Platform SE7 U25 plugin on
Windows 7 64-bit. This error happens on both the Wildfire 5 and
Creo 2 releases of the Pro/Toolkit documentation.

Has anyone dealt with this issue already?

|+| M a r k |+|

Mark Stallard
Rapid Response Development
Business Application Services
Enterprise Services Information Technology
Global Business Services
Raytheon Company



235 Presidential Way
Woburn, MA 01801-1060

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Yep, I think we all have dealt with this issue...including PTC!

I'm dealing with this issue right now in CREO2 as well.  In IE, I get a message that JavaScript is not enabled.  I go to a testing website and test, I get a message that JavaScript is enabled (?!?)

Trying to test / evaluate / learn JLink is very frustrating.

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company
124 Hidden Valley Road
McMurray, PA 15317

You will need to configure JAVA securities to solve this issue. I have put together a guide which can be found in my blog article

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