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Compiler for Pro/Toolkit WF4 on 64-bit Windows 7


Compiler for Pro/Toolkit WF4 on 64-bit Windows 7


Our company has just started upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit. We're running Wildfire 4, installing the 64-bit version on the new DELL workstations. We can't upgrade to WF5 or Creo because we need to be compatible with our sister companies internationally.

Our Pro/Toolkit apps were all built with Visual Studio .NET 2005 on a 32-bit machine, so they don't work with the new setup.

PTC's platform notes for WF4 said to use VS 2005, but it won't install on the new machines. Platform notes for WF5 say VS 2008, but it's no longer available (it's now 2013, after all!).

We can get VS 2010 or 2012. Have any of you used these versions? Would they work OK with our configuration?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Steve Critchley

Otis Elevators Australia

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my applications working fine on Windows 7 - 64 bit.

I have installed Visual Studio .NET 2005 with the 64bit SDK.

So you can add the x64 platform in your project configuration and compile an link it with that.

I heard, that it is also possible to compile and link the 64-bit application on 32-bit workstations.

On my 64-bit machine i can do 32-bit and 64-bit applications an test both.

Greetings Lars

Hi Steve,

I was also facing the same problem.

Yesterday i was succesfully able to compile 64 bit application for W.F. 4.0 64 bit.

One solution if you dont want to recompile your applications can be installing 32-bit pro-engineer W.F. 4.0 on ur Windows 7 64 bit machine. Your applications would work fine as they were working earlier.

If you are installing 64 bit version of Pro-engineer , you would need to compile your applications for 64 bit and then use them.


Anika Kapoor

Your W.F. 4.0 applications would get compiled only with VS 2005 and not with VS 2008/2010/2012.

Hope this anwers your question.

I can't confirm this - we compile our WF4 applications with VS 2008 and it works without any problems!

Hi Domenic,

Could you please let me know, do you do any extra configuration for that because i was not able to compile my W.F. 4.0 application with VS 2008

You just have to remove 1 or 2 obsolete compiler switches from the makefiles. That's all.

Could you please name the switches..

Sorry, Anika. At the moment I don't remember them - didn't set up a new project for a long time.

But I think, VS gives you all necessary error infos, which switches are wrong.

Thanks for the help so far, I'm making some progress.

My VS2005 installation (on my 32-bit machine) was missing the 64-bit features - I've added those.

I can now compile the application, but the linking fails with a bunch of unresolved symbols.

The errors look like this:


1>otisAsmBomBtnCB.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol ProSolidFeatVisit referenced in function otisAsmBomBtnCB

1>otisBomAsmVisitAction.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol ProSolidFeatVisit

All the unresolved symbols are PTC functions. I'm probably missing something really obvious (I've been away from this for a few years), but as far as I can see the paths for the libraries are correct.

The "command line" for the linker looks like this:

/OUT:"Z:\ProEngineer Devel\Toolkit\AsmBom_wf64\x64\Debug\otisAsmBom_wf64.dll" /INCREMENTAL /NOLOGO /LIBPATH:"C:\ptc\proeWildfire4.0\protoolkit\i486_nt\obj" /LIBPATH:"C:\ptc\proeWildfire4.0\prodevelop\i486_nt\obj" /DLL /MANIFEST /MANIFESTFILE:"x64\Debug\otisAsmBom_wf64.dll.intermediate.manifest" /NODEFAULTLIB:"libc.lib" /NODEFAULTLIB:"LIBCMTD.lib" /NODEFAULTLIB:"MSVCRT.lib" /DEBUG /PDB:"z:\proengineer devel\toolkit\asmbom_wf64\x64\debug\otisAsmBom_wf64.pdb" /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE /MACHINE:X64 /ERRORREPORT:PROMPT protk_dllmd.lib prodev_dllmd.lib wsock32.lib mpr.lib netapi32.lib psapi.lib ws2_32.lib kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib winspool.lib comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib uuid.lib odbc32.lib odbccp32.lib

Any clues?

Thanks again,

Steve Critchley

Otis Elevators Australia

5-Regular Member


You want to compile a 64-bit application, I think?

So you need the 64-bit libraries of Pro/TOOLKIT.

The library path points to the 32-bit libraries... (i486_nt)

You have to install the 64-bit libraries of Pro/TOOLKIT from an 64-bit Pro/ENGINEER installation.

And then change the path to that. Maybe:




Thanks Lars, it's all good now.



Look guys, I'm also having this problem here because the toolkit is not working legally in W7 32 bits and nunto least in W7 64 bit even when peopl him a command he's a problem and generates a fatal error. Follows the same log to see if you can help me ......

Thank you .....


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