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Creo 4.0 toolkit dll for Creo 3.0


Creo 4.0 toolkit dll for Creo 3.0



I have Creo 4.0 installed on my system with toolkit and do have Visual Studio 2015. 


I have one source code which is for Creo 3.0 and wanna do some minor change into it. but I don't want to install Creo 3.0 with toolkit and Visual Studio 2012.


In this case, is there some option to build dll from Creo 4.0 visual Studio 2015 which would work for Creo 3.0 installed at client side? I am sure that we are not having any API which is not supported by Creo 3.0 when we will build code on Creo 4.


Feel free to ask for any query. Thanks for your help in advance..!







You don't need the complete VS 2012 but the compiler has to be used. And you need the Creo 3.0 TK Librarys to compile with them. It's afaik not possible to run something that is build for Creo 4.0 in a Creo 3.0.


Microsoft lib's have changed between 2012 and 2015 and also the TK lib's are already compiled so you can only link to them with the same version.




Okay. I would get files of Creo 3.0. But how to build using VS 2015? Can we do some changes to solution property so that it builds using previous version of VS.

i'd recommend to use the shipped VS project of the following folder <common files>\protoolkit\protk_appls\pt_install_test

and iterate your way to the porting from there



You'll need Windows 8 SDK for MSBuild tools ( )

You'll need a copy of Creo 3.0  'common files/protoolkit' directory.

In VS2015 you'll need to add  a visual studio solution and project configuration for creo 3 version similar to what was described here: 

This configuration would use 'include' and object directories, link targets from creo 3. The VS configuration has to have the correct platform toolset as described here: . 




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